Major Henry Jerrold Young TD, the younger son of Mildred Elizabeth Copeland and James Henry Young,
(see 2-MildredCopelandJerrold-Youngs) was born 5th Oct. 1884. Died 5th Oct.1986 at South Ockendon, Essex. Buried at Havering-atte-bower, Essex. Married Nellie Georgina Jane Matthews who was born 5th Sept.1880 at Bridgend and died in 1952. Four children:

(1) Lt Col. Henry Joseph Young MC TD see below*
(2) Anthony James Young see below**
(3) Dulcie Georgina Jane Young. Born 27th April 1918 in Essex. Died 4th May1975.
(4) Edward Jerrold Young. Born in Essex. Died 29th Oct 2010. Married Joy Daft who died 2005 in Suffolk.
           One daughter:
(1) Elizabeth Young who married Richard Brown. One daughter: Sophie Louise Brown.

(1) Lt Col. Henry Joseph Young MC TD. (see above*) Born 18th November 1913. at Upminster. Died 16th September 1979 at  Brentwood. Married Margaret Eleanor Baker who was born 8th April 1914 at Hornchurch and died 13th July 1998 at Alsager, Staffs.  Three children:
(1) Major David Henry Young. Born in Brentwood. Married Pauline Trott. Two children:
(1) Christopher Young. Married to Claire. 3 children
(1) Jessica Isabelle
                    (2) Matthew Jonathan
                    (3) Chloe Lariessa
(2) Alexander Young.
(2) Michael Evelyn Young. Born in Brentwood. Married Jennifer Lisbeth Kennedy who was born in Tanga, Tanzania. Two children:            
(1) Roland Michael Brendon Young. Born at St.Asaph.
(2) Lucy Georgina Caroline Young. Born at St.Asaph.
(3) Jane Margaret Caroline Young. Born in Brentwood. Married John Birdsey (1956-2004) who was born in Cheshire and died in Manchester. Three children:
(1) Elizabeth Birdsey
(2) Ella Birdsey
(3) Joseph John Birdsey

(2)Anthony James Young. (see above**) Born 1916 in Colchester, Essex. Died  29th October 2008 in Surrey.
Married twice:
First  in 1940 to (1) Molly Joffrette Schweizer born of Swiss parents (11/10/1918 to 02/08/1972) divorced 1957. Three children:
(1) Patrick Anthony Young. Married to Jacqueline Hazel Anne Searle 1966. Three children:
(1) Jennifer Lucy Young. Married to Craig Leeder 2004.
                (1) Jake Charles born 2006
                (2) Scarlett Lily Rose born 2007
                (3) Harry James born 2010
(2) Susannah Hazel Young (twin) married to David Leech.
                One daughter Ava Rose born 2009
(3) Claire Joffrette Young (twin) married to Christopher Jones 2000.
                (1) Patrick Michael Jones born 2001
                (2) Henry Christopher Jones born 2011
(2) Anne Penelope Young. Married Trevor Quested who was born in Australia.
(3) Diana Charmian Young. Married Felix Hetherington. Three children:
(1) Emma Claire Hetherington
(2) Kate Victoria Hetherington
(3) Thomas Patrick Hetherington married to Sophie
                (1) one daughter Grace Emily born 2012

  Remarried 1958 to (2) Gwendolyn Hewing Three children:
(1) Nicholas Charles Anthony Young. Married to Angela. Two children:
                     (1) Jemma Catherine Minnie Young
(2) Alex Nicholas Jerrold Young
(2) Charlotte Louise Claire Young. Married to Keith Johnson.
(3) Sarah Catherine Jane Young. Married to Reg Davidson. Three children:
(1) Matthew Christopher James Davidson
(2) Alice Victoria Claire Davidson
(3) Rebecca Louise Kate Davidson
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