Mildred  Elizabeth Copeland Jerrold, daughter of Thomas Serle Jerrold and Jane Matilda(3) Copeland was born 15th June 1860 at Bovey Tracey, Devon and died 31st Jan.1959 at Creston BC, Canada. She married James Henry Young FRAS December 1897 at Kensington. He was born 23rd January 1858 at Gorey, Jersey, Channel Islands and died 24th September 1900 at Wandsworth. He was buried in Norwood.  Their children were:

(1) Mildred Elizabeth Young. Born 1880 Bayswater. Married Clarence Arthur Hadler 1901.
Their children were:
(1) Rita Hadler. Born 1903. Died 1904.
(2) Arthur Hadler. Born 1904.
(3) Henry Hadler.

(2) Roland Francis Young. Born 4th June 1882. Died 1947. Married Catherine Davidson 1904. One son:
 (1) Douglas Jerrold Young who was born 1906 in Romford.

(3) Major Henry Jerrold Young See 3-MajorHenryJerroldYoung&NellieMatthews

(4) Hirell Catherine Douglas Young. see below*

(5) Margaret Young. Born 1890. Died 1919. On 23rd Jan.1908, at Nelson BC, she married Andrew Miller who was born 1879 and died 12th Nov.1918. Their children were:
(1) Hirrell Elizabeth Miller
(2) Robert Andrew Miller
(3) Henry James Miller
(4) Andrew John Miller
(5) Roland David Miller
(6) Margaret Ruth Miller

(4) Hirell Catherine Douglas Young. (see above*) Born 3rd Jan. 1887. Died 20th August 1981 in North Vancouver. She was married twice:
First to (1) Lt.Col.Thomas Richard Evans DSO RWF c.1907. He died 3rd Oct. 1918 k.i.a. Battle of St.Quentin Canal. Their children, all born in British Colombia, were:
(1) Henry Evans.
(2) David Evans. Born 1917. He and his wife had two children, both born in Canada:
(1) Dr. David Evans.
(2) Thomas Evans.
(3) Olwen EvansMarried Rev. Neil Gregor Smith who was born in 1915. Two children:
(1) Katherine Smith.
(2) John Gregor Smith.

Then to (2) Rumsey between 1919-1925. Three children:
(1) Elizabeth Ann Rumsey.
(2) John Douglas Henry Rumsey. Born 1925. Died 17th Nov.1982 at New Westminster, BC.
(3) Rev. Gavin Montague Rumsey. Married Lois Ford in 1962. Two children:
(1) Suzanne Rumsey
(2) Mark Rumsey