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..absorbingly brilliant. This book is a work of art...    Mary Ann Smyth on

Right to the end, the tension is kept up... 
Harry Goode, Secretary Cambridge Writers

an enjoyable read, well written and with believable characters.  Simon McLeish on Simon's Book Blog

I was mesmerised by this novel...   Judie Newman

highly recommended...  
John Helman on Allbook Reviews

In this masterfully crafted, haunting novel, Yvonne Jerrold has captured the plight of the aging citizen...  Richard Blake on ReaderViews interesting potential conflict with many moral and political implications...  Rod Clark on

..full of thought-provoking insights.   MH (Bedford, England) on

..a unique and fresh story    Margaret Lane Midwest Book Review

..really original in style and ideas   Triss Pollington, Organiser of Libra Theatre in Cambridge

Jerrold has done an excellent job of portraying the helplessness that older people can feel   Sandie Kirkland on her booksiesblog

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