A Case of Wild Justice?
is  about old age, youth crime and stark choices; about standing up to bullies and refusing to be intimidated, even if it means taking drastic action...

The 'silver bees' are fighting back against crime and vandalism in their neighbourhoods, mainly by turning themselves into walking booby traps. 'If  we can't save ourselves from attack,' they say, 'at least the criminals won't escape either!'

One kindly old lady, Hannah Meadows, faces a dilemma. Her clever and manipulative grandson, Billy, is one of the miscreants and she feels responsible for his behaviour because of her own guilty secret. 

As her past comes back to haunt her, she
fears for the safety of her granddaughters, Helen and Veronica, as well as for her elderly neighbours, many of whom are too nervous to go out. Her own sister, Jessie, will not talk to her after Billy's gang attacked her garden.

Seeing how Billy's behaviour is destroying his family - his sisters fear him and his father has lost patience with him, while his mother believes he is an innocent victim -
Hannah wrestles with her conscience. She hates violence, but how can she protect her family if she is not prepared to act?

Then there is Hannah's young artist neighbour, Declan, who sees her comings and goings from his attic window, and who is desperately in love with Billy's sister...

A Case of Wild Justice? was inspired by seeing my mother's helpless rage after her home was burgled three times by youngsters.  She wanted to fight back but, faced with the boldness of the intruders, and their smug confidence that they could get away with it simply because she was old and frail, she felt powerless and humiliated.

This story (which is not about my mother) takes that suppressed rage to its logical conclusion!

Revenge is a kind of wild justice which, the more man's nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out.  Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) 

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      A Case of Wild Justice?   
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'In this masterfully crafted, haunting novel, Yvonne Jerrold has captured the plight of the aging citizen and the psychological warfare that often exists within the family circle...' Richard Blake on ReaderViews

'Right to the end, the tension is kept up...' Harry Goode, Secretary of Cambridge Writers

'I was mesmerised by this novel...'  Judie Newman on Amazon

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Published by Troubador & available in all good bookshops & on the web ISBN 978-1906510-718