Descendants of Paul Leprince, son of Paul Leprince, Maitre de Poste  à Laval (1740-1784) and Amable Pointe (1734-1808). See Paul Leprince & Francoise Pointe

Paul Leprince 'Toiler à Orléans' was born on 10/11/1761 at Laval, and died on 10/06/1820. On 26/05/1788, at Laval, he married Jeanne Jarry who was born on 20/02/1771 and died on 16/11/1840 in Paris.  They had six children.

(1) Zoe Leprince (1790 to1888) married Charles Dorlodot D'Armont, Officier, died 1888. They had a son.
(1) Louis Dorlodot D'Armont who married Fanny Chapu (died 1918) in 1862.

(2) Paul Leprince (1792 to1807) Russie Officier.

(3) Adolphe Leprince (1793 to1845) Négociant à Paris, married Adèle Balthazard. They had one daughter.
(1) Francoise Leprince (1819 to 1893). In 1841 she married Joseph Lebaique who died 1879.

(4) Felix Leprince (19/Pluv/1802 to1807)

(5) Aimee Leprince (28/05/1796 to 08/1796)

(6) Auguste Leprince-Ringuet (25/05/1801 to 04/03/1886).  In 1820, when he was nineteen, his father died. In 1831, when he was thirty, his mother got married again, this time to her late husband's first cousin, Julien Ringuet. (See Paul Leprince & Francoise Pointe) Auguste Leprince added his stepfather's, name to his own, thus creating the name Leprince-Ringuet. Auguste was born in Laval and died in Paris. He was a 'Marchand de meubles de luxe - Paris et New York'.

On 19/09/1835 at Valognes, he married Marie Marcotte (01/09/1819 to 09/04/1892) and they had two children:
(1) Paul Leprince-Ringuet (03/08/1841 to 11/08/1900) 
See Paul Leprince-Ringuet & Gabrielle Beauvalet.

(2) Edmond Leprince-Ringuet (03/10/1845 to 03/04/1929). 
See  Edmond Leprince-Ringuet & Marie Paillard.