Douglas Jerrold's sister, Elizabeth Sarah Jerrold, the eldest daughter of Samuel Jerrold and Mary Anne Reid, was born between 1790 & 1796 and died around 1864. She was married twice:

First to (1) Robert Lambe on 13th July 1815, in Kent.

Later to (2) William Robert Copeland 1799-1867 (see Copelands) on 18th January 1835 at Manchester Cathedral. 
Their children were:

(1) Mary Anne Copeland. Christened 9th October 1829 at St Matthews, Douglas, Isle of Man.

(2) Francis Catherine Copeland (Aunt Fanny) 1831-1909. Christened 4th August 1831 at St.Mary's  Lancaster.

(3) Mary Elizabeth Copeland. Christened 27 May 1832 at St John Burslem, Stafford. Married  Frederick William Molyneux in Liverpool 1869. They had a daughter, Letitia, who was born in Toxteth c.1872/3 and married a Mr. Delver.

(4) Henrietta Copeland. Born 1832.

(5) Douglas Copeland. Christened 26th February 1834, at Kendal.

(6) Jane Matilda (3) Copeland. Christened 26th August 1835 at St Mary's Lancaster. She married her first cousin Thomas Serle Jerrold, who was the son of her mother Elizabeth Sarah's youngest brother, Douglas Jerrold. 
See 1-ThomasSerleJerrold&JaneMatilda(3)Copeland

(7) Kathleen Stafford Copeland (Aunt Kate). Born 1839 in Sheffield. She was a professor of music and died  in London in 1910.

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