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Putney Hill Rd. Prickwillow, Ely Cambs. CB7 4UU  Website : www.hiam.org.uk 

Phone club: 01353-688269 (evenings)

Unless otherwise stated, all dances listed below are 50/50 Ballroom & Sequence dances with live music. Where no musician's name is shown, it will be confirmed in due course. Friendly Club. Excellent Dance Floor. Licensed Bar.  Spacious Hall.  Free WiFi.  Level Access. Ample free parking. 
Pay at the door unless indicated as a ticketed event, thus*.

Please note:  for the time being evidence of Covid vaccination/exemption is required for entry

Saturday Dances :  7:30-10:30 p.m. Members 6.50. Non-members 8.00. Doors open 7p.m. 
Sunday Tea Dances: 2-5p.m. Members 5.50. Non-members 7, including tea/coffee/biscuits.  Doors open 1p.m.

Also regular Thursday tea dances with Alan & Val playing CDs 2-4:30 pm.
Tel 01284 761862

50/50 Ballroom & Sequence Dances with live music:

David Last
Mark Spafford
Chris Powell
Sunday 6th: Tea Dance: David Last 2-5 p.m.

Saturday 19th: Evening Dance: David Ingley
Saturday 26th: Evening Dance: Philip Randles

MARCH 2022
Sunday 6th: Tea Dance: Mark Spafford 2-5 p.m.
Saturday 19th: Evening Dance: Chris Booth
Saturday 26th: Dance with Alan & Val playing CDs

APRIL 2022
Sunday 3rd: Tea Dance Gary Cole 2-5 p.m.
Sunday 10th: Charity Tea Dance: Richard Keeling 2-5 p.m. In aid of Homeless Charity Emmaus
Saturday 16th: Evening Dance: Annie
Saturday 23rd: Evening Dance

MAY 2022
Sunday 1st: Tea Dance Chris Booth 2-5p.m.
Saturday 21st: Evening dance: David Ingley
Saturday 28th: Evening dance

JUNE 2022

Sunday 5th: Tea Dance: Richard Keeling 2-5 p.m.
Saturday 18th: Evening Dance: Annie
Saturday 25th: Evening dance

JULY 2022
Sunday 3rd: Tea Dance: David Last
Saturday 16th: Evening Dance
Saturday 23rd: David Ingley

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Sunday 7th: Tea Dance: Annie
Saturday 20th: Mark Spafford
Saturday 27th:  David Last

Sunday 4th:Tea D: Philip Randles
Saturday 17th: Evening dance

Saturday 24th: Evening dance

Sunday 2nd: Tea D: Mark Spafford
Saturday 15th: Chris Booth

Saturday 22nd: Evening dance

Sunday 6th: Tea Dance Annie 2-5 p.m.
Saturday 19th: Richard Keeling

Saturday 26th: Evening dance

Sunday 4th: Tea Dance David Ingley.
Saturday 17th: Evening dance

Where no musician's name is yet shown, this will be confirmed in due course

Chris Booth
Umbrella Big Band
Andrew Varley
Robert Davies

Larry Green
Gary Cole
 David Read
Philip Randles
Richard Keeling 
 Chris Johnson
Galaxy Big Band
Bob Watts
Les Allitt