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Yvonne Jerrold's  paintings, prints & sculpture
My paintings are mostly about the human condition;  about  the loneliness of being human and the distances between people.  Sometimes they start with vivid dreams.   I wake up with a strong image that stays with me until I have painted it.   I find the act of  painting helps me to think. It  settles my mind when it's skitting all over the place.   I am a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society and I exhibit mostly in Cambridge. 
I recently started stone carving and you can see pictures of my latest work under the Sculpture heading below.
Painting about writing
Events & Exhibitions
More painting about writing
Prickwillow Phone Box Gallery June 2013
and about distance & point of view...
Above it all
University of the Third Age in Cambridge  June 2013
Paintings of childhood
                  of childhood
Cambridge Drawing Society April 2013
Cambridge Drawing Society October 2017
Cambridge Drawing Society April 2018
Cambridge Drawing Society October 2018
Cambridge Drawing Society March 2019
Butterflies (framed watercolours)


Sculpture - Limestone carvings

Monoprints - collagraphs

Abstract paintings 

Cambridge Drawing Society
Cambridge Open Studios
Lucy Churchill, stone carver
Fairhaven & Woods, stone craftsmen

Painted Lady


The Poet


                        abstract paintings

Cambridge Open Studios July 2018
Cambridge Open Studios July 2016
Cambridge Open Studios July 2012

Cambridge Open Studios July 2014

Some of Yvonne's work is for sale on:

Cambridge Drawing Society