John Bolger (1846-1898) was a farm worker living in Wexford, Ireland, when he fell in love with Johanna Whitty (1854-1925) daughter of  John and Elisabeth Whitty of Pouldarrig farm in Wexford, and asked for her hand in marriage.
Johanna's elder sister refused him because he did not own any land, whereupon he resolved to go to away and make his fortune.  He went to Australia with two other men and lived and worked there, mainly as a sheep-shearer, until he returned ten years later with enough money to buy a farm. Johanna was still waiting for him and the were duly married.  He bought Coolnaboy Farm at Oylegate, in Wexford but they did not move in straight away. On the day they moved in, as John was riding up the drive towards the farmhouse, he was thrown from his horse and killed, leaving Johanna with five children, the youngest around two years old.

Their children included:

Anastasia (Una)
James (Jim)
Elizabeth (Bessie)
Walter (Wat)

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