Descendants of Paul Leprince-Ringuet, elder son of Auguste Leprince-Ringuet (25/05/1801 to 04/03/1886) and Marie Marcotte (01/09/1819 to 09/04/1892).  See Paul Leprince-Ringuet & Marie Marcotte.

Paul Leprince-Ringuet (03/08/1841 to 11/08/1900) was born in Paris and died Pougues Les Eaux. He is described as 'Ingénieur des chemins de fer du Nord'.  On 09/12/1873 he married Gabrielle Beauvalet (30/03/1856 to 22/08/1909 Paris).  They had three children:

(1) Pierre Leprince-Ringuet, (27/12/1874 Paris, to 04/04/1954 Paris) Architecte, professeur à l'école centrale.  On 28/01/1908 he married Marie-Louise Vatry (28/01/1880 to 17/09/1952  Neuilly Sur Seine)

(2) Madeleine Leprince-Ringuet, (11/09/1887  Paris, to 19/03/1961 Bourges).  On  25/04/1902 she married Gustave Jahan (28/04/1872 to 01/01/1913 Paris)  Dr imprimerie Mame Tours, F de P Michelin, Paris.  They had five children:

(1) Paul Jahan (1903 to 1954) Dél. Gén. Mutualité agricole. He married Anne Bordeaux Montrieux. See  Paul Jahan & Anne Bordeaux Montrieux.

(2) Pierre Jahan, (24/10/1904 to  14/06/1905 at Rochecorbon 37)

(3) Marie-Gabrielle Jahan, (05/09/1906 to 18/08/1907 at Saint Symphorien 37)

(4) Marie-Madeleine Jahan, (26/05/1909 to 22/07/1995 at Bourges 18).  Fondatrice de l'aide aux mères à Bourges.

(5) Louis Jahan, (07/08/1913 Paris XVI to 07/01/1990 at Soudorgues 30)  ESSEC cadre commercial - ESSO Paris. On 30/04/1946 at Paris XVI he married Catherine Bouvattier who was born on 16/11/1922 at St Martin des Champs 50 and died 18/4/2007 at Saint Germain en Lay (78).  See Louis Jahan & Catherine Bouvattier.

(3) Germaine Leprince-Ringuet, (15/04/1882 Paris to 31/08/1951).  On 22/06/1908 she married Laurence Jerrold, (1873 to 1918) Journaliste au Daily Télègraphe. See Laurence Jerrold & Germaine Leprince Ringuet .
They had three children:

(1) Gilbert Jerrold (1909 Paris to 1950 Washington DC) aeronautical engineer. In 1943 he founded the Ecole Nationale Professionelle de l'Air at Cap Matifou in Algiers. In 1940 he married Deirdre Ita Brennan (born Dublin 1918 died in Cambridge, England in 2010) They had five children.
Laurence Jerrold & Germaine Leprince Ringuet

(2) Francis Jerrold Born in Paris 1910. Died in Paris 1998. He married twice (1) to Margaret Garnier (one son) and (2) to Yvonne Laborde (one son). See Laurence Jerrold & Germaine Ringuet

(3) Margery Kate Jerrold, Born in Paris 02/11/1913. Died in Montfort L'Amaury 15/03/1998.

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