Descendants of Edmond Leprince-Ringuet   [younger son of Auguste Leprince-Ringuet (25/05/1801 to 04/03/1886) and Marie Marcotte (01/09/1819 to 09/04/1892).  See Paul Leprince & Jeanne Jarry]
and Marie Anne Michele Paillard:

Edmond Adrien Leprince-Ringuet  (03/10/1845 to 03/04/1929)  was born and died in Paris and is described as 'Avocat, Dr de la maison tapiss & decor'. On 24/06/1872 he married Marie Anne Michele Paillard (30/08/1852 to 06/11/1938 Paris).   They had three children:

(1) Felix Adrien Louis (b.14/7/1873  d.3/1/1958)  married Marie Berthe Renee Stourm (b.3/8/1876 d.23/8/1956) . They had one son:
 (1) Louis Marie Edmond LePrince-Ringuet (b.27/03/1901 d.23/12/2000)
1-married on 29/3/1900 his 1st wife Denise Paul Dubois (b.3/4/1902 d.20/11/1926). 
2-married on 4/5/29 his 2nd wife Jeanne Madeleine Marie Joseph Motte (b.3/2/1905 d.12/8/1990 the daughter of  Suzanne Voreux and Rene Motte
Their children were: Benedicte, Dominique, Renee-Noelle, Marie-Pascale, Francois, Louis Pentecote...

(2) Renee

(3) Yvonne

to be continued......

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