Descendants of  Auguste Leprince-Ringuet, sixth and youngest child of Paul Leprince and Jeanne Jarry.
See Paul Leprince & Jeanne Jarry

Auguste Leprince-Ringuet was born in Laval on 25/05/1801 and died in Paris on 04/03/1886.  
In 1820, when he was nineteen, his father died. In 1831, when he was thirty, his mother got married again, this time to her late husband's first cousin, Julien Ringuet. (See Paul Leprince & Francoise Pointe) Auguste Leprince added his stepfather's, name to his own, thus creating the name Leprince-Ringuet. Auguste Leprince-Ringuet is described as a 'Marchand de meubles de luxe - Paris et New York'.

On 19/09/1835 at Valognes, he married Marie Marcotte (01/09/1819 to 09/04/1892) and they had two children:

(1) Paul Leprince-Ringuet (03/08/1841 to 11/08/1900) was born in Paris and died Pougues Les Eaux. He is described as 'Ingénieur des chemins de fer du Nord'.  On 09/12/1873 he married Gabrielle Beauvalet (30/03/1856 to 22/08/1909 Paris).  They had three children, Pierre, Madeleine and Germaine.

(2) Edmond Adrien Leprince-Ringuet (03/10/1845 to 03/04/1929) Born and died in Paris, he is described as 'Avocat, Dr de la maison tapiss & decor'. On 24/06/1872 he married Marie Anne Michele Paillard (30/08/1852 to 06/11/1938 Paris). They had three children, Felix, Renee and Yvonne.
See  Edmond Leprince-Ringuet & Marie Paillard.

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