A Noël Leprince, Marchand à Orléans, is recorded as having died in 1590. He married Mathurine Percheron.

The Leprince-Ringuet family tree has been traced back to Noël Leprince 1635 to 1703 (Could he be the grandson of the afore-mentioned Noel Leprince who died in 1590?). He is also described as Marchand à Orléans. He married Elisabeth Montereau and they had three children:

(1) Elisabeth Leprince who married Jean Borde, Libraire à Orleans
(2) Hierosme Leprince, Notaire à Gien
(3) Joseph Leprince, Marchand à Orléans, (1669 to 28/01/1717) who married (on 22/01/1696 in Orléans) Claude Aleaume who died in 1726. They had seven children:

(1) Jean-Baptiste Leprince, Marchand à Orléans
(2) Claude Leprince who died in 1744
(3) Joseph Leprince who died in 1746
(4)  Françoise Leprince who also died in 1746
(5)  Paul Leprince, Toilier à Orléans et á Laval (22/11/1704 to 28/03/1760).  On 10/05/1738 in Orléans, he married Françoise Pointe who was born in Puiseaux en G. and died in 1784.  They had two children.

(1) Françoise Leprince who died in 1785.  On 25/02/1757 at Laval, she married François Ringuet,   Tissier à Laval, (1735 to 1805) and they  had  three children. See Paul Leprince & Francoise Pointe  page.
(2) Paul Leprince, Maitre de Poste  à Laval (04/02/1740 to 1784).  On 02/02/1761, in Neuville aux  Loges, he married Amable Pointe who was born in Pithviers in 1734 and died in Paris on 05/11/1808.  They had two children. See Paul Leprince & Françoise Pointe page.

(6) Michel Leprince, Marchand à Orléans (27/10/1714 to 1773)
(7) Marie Leprince (born before 1726 and died on or before1745)  married Mathurin Brizard, Merchand à Orléans

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