Laurence Jerrold
, eldest son of Evelyn Douglas Blanchard Jerrold (1851-1885) and Florence Lucy Yapp (see 1-WilliamBlanchardJerrold&LaviniaLillieBlanchard) was born at St Giles, London in 1873. He was Paris correspondent of the Daily Telegraph and published several books about the French and the English (The Real France, 1911, The French and the English, 1913, France Today/France, Her People and her Spirit, 1916). He died in London in the great flu epidemic on 01/11/1918.  See:  Laurence Jerrold

He married artist Germaine Leprince Ringuet (1882-1951) youngest child of (see link) Paul Leprince-Ringuet and Gabrielle Beauvalet, in 1908 at St Martin aux Buneaux, Normandy, France and they had three children:

(1) Gilbert Oliver Jerrold see below*   
(2) Francis Gabriel Jerrold see below**
(3) Margery Kate Jerrold. Born in Paris 02/11/1913. Died in Montfort L'Amaury 15/03/1998.

(1)*Gilbert Oliver Jerrold
   (Born Paris 1909. Died Washington DC USA 1950). In 1940 Gilbert married Deirdre Ita Brennan (born Dublin 1918 Died Cambridge, UK, 2010) in Washington D.C. where he was working as an aeronautical engineer purchasing aeroplanes for the Free French. In 1943 in Algiers, he founded the Ecole Nationale
Professionelle de l'Air at Cap Matifou
. Gilbert and Derry had five children:
(1) Jan Jay Jerrold. (Born Maryland, USA 1942. Died  London 1992). Married Marie Doyle. Four children:
(1) Suzanne (Suzi) Jerrold (Born January 1965 Died January 2018).
(2) Anita Jerrold married Len Phillips 2008. (Born 1967. Died Sept. 2013)
          (3) Martin Jerrold married Helen Midwinter. Two children:
          (1) Jack Jerrold  born 2009
          (2) Roni Marie Jerrold  born 2012
          (4) Joanne Jerrold
(2) Noel Jerrold.  (Born Washington DC 1942. Died Washington DC April 1943).

(3) Yvonne Jerrold. Born Washington D.C. Married twice. First to (1) Christopher Lingard.
                                 One son:    (1)  Jonathan Mark Jerrold Lingard  married Julie Lake at Great Witcome 30/08/08
Later to (2) Brian James Holley.
(4) Alan Jerrold. Born in Washington D.C.

(5) Suzanne Jerrold. Born in Dublin. Married Anthony Maher (Born 1945 Died 2004) in London.
Four children:

(3) Anthony Maher. Married to Kathleen Wilkinson. Two children
(1) Mary-Kate 2008
(2) Maeve Lily Josephine 2009
(3) Rose Mikaela Grace 2013
(4) Brendan Maher married Laura Huckle. New adopted name Bayew.
                               (1) Stepson Ewan 1997
                               (1a) Anuala 2011
                                (2) Deri Eoghan 2013

(2)**Francis Gabriel Jerrold  (Born Paris 1910. Died Paris 1999).  Married twice.
First to (1) Marguerite Garnier. One son:
(1) Patrick Jerrold 1942-1993. Married twice. First to (1) Lin. Two children:
(1) Mike Jerrold
(2) Virginie Jerrold
Later to (2) Joelle. One son:
(1) Jerome-Olivier Jerrold

Later to (2) Yolande Laborde (1915-1993). One son:
(1) Charles Lawrence Jerrold. Born in Paris 1952.

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