Walter Copeland Jerrold, son of Thomas Serle Jerrold and Jane Matilda (3) Copeland, was born in Liverpool in 1865 and died 1929. He married Clara Armstrong Bridgeman on 23rd July 1895 at Kensington Register Office. She was born 2nd December 1861 at 1 Westbourne Place, Bissops Rd. Paddington and died in 1937. Their children were:

(1) Oliver Bridgeman Jerrold. Born 27th September 1896. Died 3rd June 1897.

(2) Ianthe Bridgeman Jerrold. Born 1898 at Kensington, Bayswater. Died 1977. Married George James L Menges who was born 1894 at Steyning and died 1965. One adopted daughter Polly Jerrold.

(3) Daphne Bridgeman Jerrold. (Phyllis's twin). Born 1899 at Bromley,  Cudham,  Kent. Died 1972. Married Reginald H. Leefe.  Four sons:
(1) Jeremy Oliver Leefe. Married Olive Hughes. Four children:
(1) Edwin Leefe
(2) Anthony Leefe
(3) Robert Leefe
(4) Hazel Leefe
(2) Crispin Leefe. Married Pamela Montague Smith. Two children:
                                                                                (1) Roderic Reginald - Two children.
                                                                                (2) Katherine Sarah - Two children.
(3) Benedict Leefe. Married Rita Knight. Four children:
(1) Matthew Griffin Leefe
(2) Joanna Leefe
(3) Benedict Merlin Leefe
(4) Sam Leefe
(4) Anthony Leefe. Died 31st Jan 2011. Married to Wendy Cook (who died in 2008). Two children:
(1) Jacqueline Leefe
(2) Michael Leefe

(4) Phyllis Bridgeman Jerrold. (Daphne's twin). Born 1899 at Bromley,  Cudham,  Kent. Died 1975.

(5) Hebe Bridgeman Jerrold. Born 1900 at Hampton, Middlesex. Died 1987 at Little Tew, Oxfordshire.

(6) Althea Bridgeman Jerrold. Born 1902 at Kingston. Died 1973.  Married Adam Proctor Atkinson who was born 1897 in Wood Green, Middlesex.