The Reverend Percival Copeland Jerrold, son of Thomas Serle Jerrold & Jane Matilda (3) Copeland was born 24th January 1859 at St Peters, Kent, Isle of Thanet and died 10th February 1933 at Oxbow, Saskatchewan.  He married Clara Ann Lewis 7th July 1887 at Lambeth. She was born 9th June 1866 at Melton East, Easton Square, London and died 18th January 1953 at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.  Their children were:

(1) Jerrold born 1888 at Qu'appelle, Saskatchewan and died 1889 at Indian Head, Saskatchewan.

(2) Mary Matilda Jerrold. (A twin) Born 15th June 1894, Sth. Qu'appelle Assoc. NWT. Died 11th Sept.1982 at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.
Married John David Thiessen on 7th July 1925 at Irvine, Alberta. He was born 8th Oct. 1897 at Gretna, NE and died 25th Nov. 1966 at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.  Their children were:
(1) Florence Kathleen Thiessen (Calgary)
(2) Gordon Douglas Thiessen (Lloydminster)
(3) Grace Mary Thiessen  (Calgary)

(3) Emily Margaret Jerrold.(A twin) Born 15th June 1894, Sth. Qu'appelle Assoc. NWT. Died 14th Oct.1983 at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Married William George Thiessen who was born 4th July 1895 at Gretna NE and died 17th April 1990 at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Their daughter Clara Catherine Thiessen was born July 1929 and died August 1929.

(4) Jerrold born c. 1895.

(5) Douglas Stafford Lewis Jerrold. Born 17th January 1891 at South Qu'appelle Association, NWT. Died 19th January 1977 at Bowden, Alberta. Married Margaret Emily Thomas June 1918 at Medicine Hat, Alberta. She was born 9th August 1895 in Wales and died 15th August 1993 at Bowden, Alberta. They had one son,
                                 (1) Percy married Sharon, no children (N.Alberta)                                                  

(6) Muriel Francis Jerrold. Born 13th Aug.1898, Sth Qu'appelle Assocoation, NWT. Died 8th June 1966 at Mountainview, Calgary, Alberta. Married George Warren Wilcox 24th February 1927 at Gainsborough SK. Four children:                  (1) Richard Wilcox married Marlys Murphy (1930-2009) eight children:
                                                    (5) Tim Wilcox married Shelley Bauer, no children
(2) William Wilcox died in infancy
(3) Warren Howard Wilcox (22nd Jan.1928 to April 1940)
(4) Robert Wilcox married Jo, three children & four grandchildren

(7) Kathleen Lewis Jerrold. Born 25th April 1906. Died 1st June 1991 at Burlington, Halton, Ontario. Married Thomas Lilburne Moore who was born 5th April, 1901 and died July 1986. Three children:
(1) Douglas Moore
(2) Geraldine Moore
(3) Lucille Moore