The farthest back the family name of  JERROLD has been traced is to
*Samuel Jerrold 
(1743 to 1820 - but see Samuel Jerrold - biographical notes).
His father and grandfather were called JARROLD.

His grandfather, John Jarrold, was born about 1675, and married:
firstly (1) Elizabeth and had two children: Samuel Jarrold and William Jarrold
then (2) Sarah, and had three children, John Jarrold, Elizabeth Jarrold and Ann Jarrold

John Jarrold's eldest child, Samuel Jarrold, was christened on 25th January 1702 at St Peter, Ipswich. 
His first wife was called Sarah and they had five children:

*(1) Samuel Jerrold (first mention of this spelling) who was born on the 2nd December 1743, christened 10th January 1744 at St Dionis Backchurch, London, and died 28th January 1820.  He was married three times. For his wives and descendants see  Samuel Jerrold (1743 to 1820)
(2) Sarah Jerrold

(3) John Jerrold

(4) William Jerrold who died at the age of four

(5) William Jerrold

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